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Commercial Concrete Tanks

Client: Goulburn Valley Water
Tank Installed: 250,000 litres Concrete
Tank Location: Shepperton Victoria
Quality Commercial Tanks

Water is undoubtedly the foundation of life, because living cells and chemical reactions that sustain our body depend on it. People can store water in water tanks so that they have enough water during dry periods. There are different kinds of tanks available in the market, and their use depends on the location and water needs. We manufacture a wide range of best quality commercial tanks to take care of all types of water storage requirements

Sometimes water needs to be stored for large number of people, commercial tanks are built to take care of such water requirements. Unlike home tanks, these commercial tanks can hold millions of gallons of water.

Types of Commercial Tanks

There are four main types of commercial water tanks. Multi-column tanks, which are also known as leg tanks, and are supported by four separate posts, normally of steel. The second type of commercial tank is called the flared steel column tank, also known as golf ball and tee tanks. The third category of commercial tanks is the fluted steel tank; this type of tank comprises an accordion-style circular support that is not very usual since the inside space can be used for storage in offices or other commercial buildings. The last category of commercial tanks is the concrete column tank, which consists of a steel tank and is supported by a column made of concrete rather than steel

Some commercial tanks are used specifically for water storage while other tanks are used for heating the water, which is stored in a primary water storage tank. Commercial tanks are often located in the basements of homes. In some places with drier climates, commercial water tanks are normally placed on the roofs of buildings. This allows gravity to pull the water down from the tank naturally when the water is required. It is for this reason actual tank portion of most commercial tanks is usually quite high up from the ground.

How Commercial Tanks benefit Different Businesses

For several years now, commercial tanks are being used for multiple commercial applications. There are numerous benefits associated with these mammoth commercial tanks. They can be used for several industrial applications. These tanks are cost-effective, durable, sturdy, low on maintenance, easy, and quick to install. They are mostly termite proof and fire resistant. In fact, they do not rot with changing weather and environment, so easy to maintain over an extended period of time. Steel commercial tanks are by themselves ductile in nature, and can survive all forces of nature, thus keeping the water within safe and sound.

Commercial businesses benefit a lot from these tanks since their low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and efficient water storage without any adverse effects to the environment help them lower their overhead costs. Our commercial tanks are known for their superior quality and affordable price tag. We never compromise on the quality of our products, even if it means compromising a bit on the costs. We value customer satisfaction a lot, and so always strive to please our valued customers by providing them with best quality commercial tanks.

Owing to the ever increasing competition in the present marketplace, it is advisable to purchase commercial tanks from only reputed and reliable dealers. And we are one of the leading and highly reliable providers of best quality commercial tanks. As the problem of water shortage increases with each passing day, it is becoming more and more important for all of us, especially industrial enterprises, to save water in a safe and effective manner. The water stored in our commercial tanks is hygienic and free from all water-borne diseases. Our tanks do not pose any threat to the environment at all.

Factors to Consider when Installing a Commercial Tank

There are certain things to consider when you are planning to install a commercial tank. First and foremost, location of the water storage tank (indoors, outdoors, above ground, or underground) is of great importance. Second, the volume of water the commercial storage tank is expected to hold for your needs also demands due consideration. Other important factors are the purpose for which the stored water in these tanks would be used and the temperature of area where water would be stored. Finally, wind and earthquake design considerations allow commercial water tanks to survive seismic and high wind disturbances.

The quality of water stored in commercial tanks is comparatively better than others as polluting elements cannot easily contaminate the contents of such tanks. With so many advantages, it is not surprising to find that commercial tanks are gaining in popularity at a rapid pace.

A number of successful commercial businesses have already incurred huge gains by installing commercial water tanks in their business premises. We have served many businesses, one of them being Goulburn Valley Water. We have installed 250,000 litres concrete tank at their Shepperton Victoria plant. If you are looking for a strong, durable, cost-effective, and superior quality commercial tank, you wouldn’t find a better place than Advance Concrete Tanks.

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